Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Life Lately

My Life Lately

Hey guys! I know...I know... It has been a really long while and I am really sorry for not updating you guys about my shits and all *spank me now. lol!* There did came a point that I emotionally died inside and out *now I know how it feels to be in-side-out boy from Cartoon Network. lol!*. A long, long, long story that I don't want to tackle right now. I know I'll just laugh about it sooner or later. Though, I am really hoping for it to come sooner. Okay, enough about emo shit! Hahaha!

I have ALOOOT of backlogs that I still need to cover and I hate myself for being so unprofessional and unproductive. I have not been (or rarely) accepting invitations not because I do not like it or too busy, but because I feel crazy guilty that I wont be able to write reviews about it.

My goodness, this is going back to an emotional post and I don't want you guys to feel my as an ambassador of positivity and good-vibes, I wish you all a wonderful week ahead and stay strong in life. Remember, challenges will always be there and it is up to you how you will take that challenge. According to John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, 'Sadly, the world is not a wish-granting factory.' So you just got to live life to its fullest and work your ass off so hard to get what you want. That my friend is a fact.

So let's toast to life and to those wounds that never heals. *klink*

(NOTE: I might to travelling for a while with less Internet connection so if you want to be updated with my shit, you may follow me on Twitter or IG: rabsin_d).

Much Love,
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