Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Team Brownie Cebu: Brownie Cup Party

Team Brownie Cebu
Team Brownie Cebu!
This should have been posted a long time ago, but had issues with my service provider and eventually was overlooked due to so many backlogs. I'm so sorry Justinne (I know you are reading this). I know it's a lame excuse but I still love you though, Hahahaha! *puppy eyes*

Anyhow, does anyone here tried the delish brownie cups of Team Brownie Cebu? If not, you better check them out ASAP. Team Brownie Cebu is owned by a good friend and a very charming lady, Justinne, who also happen to blog at This young lady has quite a good taste for food and knows very well the language of the kitchen so I am not surprised how tasteful and salivating the brownie cups are! The available flavors as of the moment are: Dark Fudge, Smores and Red Velvet. Gosh, I'm already craving for the Red Velvet and the Dark Fudge!!!

What's best here is that these are pre-made so you will need to heat it thru microwave. Its as if you are the one making. Cool don't you think? So to those who don't know anything about cooking or creating food like me, this will boost you (me) somehow. Hahaha! These Brownie Cups are perfect instant dessert for home-type-get-together party or during our lazy days where we lock ourselves at home.

Instagram and Twitter: @teambrowniecebu
For retail and wholesale, contact: 0922 8822 655.

See the instruction below on how to make your instant dessert:
Team Brownie Cebu Instructions
Instruction on how to prepare your Brownie Cup instant dessert.
Team Brownie Cebu Products
Dark Fudge x Red Velvet x Smores - Php 55.00 only!
Tried the three flavors and liked Red Velvet most. It's actually heavy to the tummy so don'y eat too much.
The couple behind Team Brownie Cebu: Luis and Justinne
The couple behind Team Brownie Cebu: Luis and Justinne

(All photos are from Team Brownie Cebu Facebook)

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