Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Electrospace Spectrum 2013

Electrospace Spectrum 2013
Electrospace Spectrum 2013
First and foremost, I would like to say thank you and a big KUDOS to Indiana Aerospace University (IAU) for the jam-packed Acquaintance Party and to Junjie Saavedra-Ignacio for the events crazy success! Why did we not have this kind of party during my school years? LOL!

Electrospace Spectrum 2013 was fully loaded with performances, techno-electro music, fireworks and hot chicas and amigos! They also brought along some of the few talented DJs in Cebu: DJ Polky Yu (Barcode), DJ Gio Visitacion (The Penthouse) and DJ Cathy Muto (The Penthouse) and was hosted by Paulo Walker. I'm a sudden fan of DJ Polky Yu and DJ Gio Visitacion's mix and their taste of music; especially how they transition flawlessly from one music to another. Great job man!
Dance the night away kiddos!
The trespassers! Forever students at heart! Hahaha!
The food was great by the way...only at Red Carpet Catering!
Special thanks to Indiana Aerospace University's Supreme Student Council A.Y. 2013-2014 and was brought to you in part by Kandaya Fitness. I think the kids also forgot to say a huge, fat THANK YOU to their teachers for allowing this kind of event inside their campus. Yes, you should. There are KJ teachers you know. ;)

Media Partners: Cebu Daily News and Sun.Star Cebu.
Event direction by Junjie Saavedra-Ignacio.

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