Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beach Break 2013

Last weekend was the start of one crazy party festival in Cebu where top-notched summer parties happen.
Beach Break 2013
Beach Break at Portofino just wow-ed everyone with their powerful guests that made everyone wild and crazy! Too mention a few: Gloc9, General Luna, Powerspoonz, The Line Divides, Bethany and the Dumaguete Banda Mangga made me a crazy mad man jumping my as* off at the beach (Sorry for the word...couldn't find a better word of how crazy stupid I looked that night. LOL!)

Kudos to the organizers and their team for making the event as well organized as possible. I greatly appreciate the presence of securities to ensure peace and good vibes to everyone! Just a piece of advise though, make sure that you keep an eye or bring your belongings ALL THE TIME and this actually would apply to all parties that you will be going...and by the way, it's already LIFE DANCE next weekend!!!

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