Monday, April 15, 2013

Sun-Kissed Summer 2013

Another cowboy trip with my awesome friends heading to Moalboal (located at the southern part of Cebu). Unlike the rest of our friends, Eden and I do not have the luxury to plan our summer trips and if we do, that's called a luck! Most friends already went ahead and enjoy the beach and the party at Bantayan (where people in Cebu mostly visit).

As for us, we chose the less crowded beach and made an overnight stay at Basdaku, Moalboal! We were even very lucky to get a beach-front cottage, good for 5 people for only Php 2,000.00! The cottage is composed of 2 rooms with individual rest room, a queen-size bed and a fan. Despite the heat, the temperature inside was still cool and kept you sweat-free!
I'm ready to swim with my camo trunks!
I am truly blessed with these people and how we made our quick trip wickedly awesome!!! ILY guys!
Chilling outside our cottage (Eden, Thaad, Mark, me and Ced)
Quick sun bathing before hitting the beach!
Swimming time!!!
Is it just me or Ced looks fat here...teehee!
My one and only Eden! I miss you already loves! See you soonest!
All we need is just one kiss!
The beach is calling me...
I was born from the beach and just being near it makes me glow and shine like a diamond. LOL! Our trip did not end there. We went to this very intimate Beach Resort called Hale Manna and I was surprised how lovely this place is. Hale Manna is THE perfect place if you want to get away from the city-stress and just rest in their cozy environment. You may also do some flexing by trying their kayak. Thanks to Dale for inviting us!
Hale Manna's house rules and reminders.
This place is just wonderful! The perfect place to meditate and relax!
Loving my sun-kissed skin and loving Hale Manna Beach Resort at Moalboal!
Tank-top from Cotton On; Neon shorts from Finlust Shop. HYPE my look here.

Heart-shaped white sand.
Below are the photos of the room that Dale and family took. There are 2 queen-size bed, 1 single bed , a huge rest room (seriously, it's like a walk-in closet and still has an extra space for gym equipment).
The bed...
The other bed...The room is actually air-conditioned so I honestly don't know why there is an electric fan here. lol!
Cedric sitting on the single bed.
...and it's time to do some flexing!!!
Come, sit on me and enjoy the sound of the beach while you slowly stroke the paddle and glide with me.
Cedric on the lose! :D
Eden and Dale with there big smiles!
Time to relax and eat after kayaking... :D

What a worth-while weekend indeed! I'm very excited for the next trip to come!

(All photos are taken by Cedric Lucero)


Wends of Journeys and Travels said...

Just lovely summer this is :) Never set foot on Moalboal and wants to try this come August :)

Rabsin de la Cruz said...

Yes doc wends! Let's go!!! :D

Lakbay Diva said...

whoa, i love love hale manna! we stayed there overnight and the place was just amazing. not to mention the underwater life they have right in front! whew!

Rabsin de la Cruz said...

@Lakbay Diva: Yeah! So love it there! Can't wait for my next visit! Hey, sali ako sa mga adventures niyo! Let me know ahead of your plans! :D