Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Penong's Cebu

Penong's Cebu now open in Cebu!
Penong's Cebu now open in Cebu!
After a long wait, Penong's is finally in Cebu! I first tried them during my trip to Davao last year for Kadayawan. After tasting Penong's I have been craving ever since! I believe I'm one of the few people who have been tweeting about 'Penong's in Cebu' when I saw their streamer near Escario Central, Cebu.

Friends and I immediately visited the place and had our tummy enjoy and savor every food, every laughter and talk.
The best indeed!
I love i2 or i5 plus a large iced tee!
i5 is LOVE!

...and I thought rice was the only unlimited item. I've been getting unlimited soup too! Hahaha!
Fresh Fruits for only Php 55.00. I can eat this ALL DAY LOOOONG! My favorite ever!
Trust me, you'll see me often at Penong's!


Anonymous said...

food is good, but service sucks bigtime!!! they could've at least anticipated a CROWD and not just a typical pila-pila (like you're waiting for a bus-ride-in-a-PUV-terminal type of service.)

I love their spicy sauce though :)

Rabsin de la Cruz said...

Ganun talaga especially if newly open. You should have also anticipated to go there early just like what I did ;) Went there 30min prior to opening.

Anonymous said...

from my hometown now in cebu :)