Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kadayawan 2012 for the Weekend

Kadayawan 2012
Kadayawan 2012

Shirt from Baleno; Thrifted pants; Boots from Forever 21;  Bag and accessories from SM Accessories
It was my first time to experience Kadayawan Festival and I must say I enjoyed my weekend in Davao. Davao already had a special spot in my heart ever since my first footprint on their sand. Until now, I feel like Davao is the best place to live in and build a home -- second to Dumaguete of course. :p

The street dance and the float parade was quick than what I usually hear, but the events were jam-packed in different malls and areas in the city. Met few artists in the airport and had a good booze at Starr on a Saturday night.

I also met Aidx, Janvie and Karl for a quick chit-chat and I appreciate how welcoming these young inspiring kids are. Thank you so much guys. I wish I could treat you next time (I was on a tight budget that time). LOL!

Also, a huge, fat thank you to great friends (Markie, Jay, Borgie, Nate, etc.) who made this Kadayawan 2012 more unforgettable! Kudos to you guys! Cheers!


Chyrel Gomez said...

Miss Davao all of a sudden. Was there two or three years ago.

rabsin_d said...

@Chy: We should invade Davao again :D