Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Balik Alindog Program 2013

My apologies for the title. It just makes me laugh everytime a say that phrase. LOL!

As what I have posted few days ago, I will be joining METAFIT Boot Camp starting this weekend moving forward. It is going to be a month full of running, yoga, exercises and alot more so I will need to prepare for this challenging event.

Last weekend, I started my warm ups with morning jogs and some exercise. Go fight win!!!
Morning jog at Mactan new bridge

Join me with my Balik Alindog Program 2013! Hahaha!

Thank you Mark Monta for the photos!


Mark Joseph Gesite said...

just keep on running dude! one of the best exercises I never miss...

Rabsin de la Cruz said...

@Mark Joseph: Wow! Good for you! :D Yep, let's keep running :D