Sunday, October 28, 2012

Let us all be Forever Flawless

I did mention on my previous post that I am now forever flawless and I have only Forever Flawless to thank you for my smooth and glowing skin.
The recommended products for my skin. Go to the nearest Flawless and check what products are best for your skin.

I honestly thought only white people can benefit from this. Maybe because of the commercials I always see on TV. Commercials can be racist sometimes. LOL!
Hard working specialists that takes care of your face.

At first, I could not imagine a glowing ‘moreno’ complexion, but I guess there is such thing after all (me). LOL! I may not be as good looking as artists, well known personalities or white people, but I have my glowing ‘moreno’ skin to FLAUNT. Hahaha!

We can all be forever flawless if deeply desired. You may visit them at the 2nd floor SM Northwing Cebu City or go to the nearest branch in your location and you might be spotted and be part of FLAUNT, an online magazine on that will be Flawless’ monthly online editorial.


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