Friday, August 17, 2012

Blue Doesn't Feel Blue After All

I am soooooo sorry! Yes, I know that I have been offline for quite sometime now, but I have a valid reason for everything. There were so many changes that happened in few weeks time and let me just try to summarize everything here in one blow. I will try to minimize this post as much as possible for I need to prepare myself for a weekend trip :)
Shirt and Socks from Forever 21; Jeans from Bossini; Shoes from Ren Ben; Bracelet and Watch from SM Accessories
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The main reason why I was offline for a long time because I transferred to a new apartment. Yes, a new and better apartment I must say. I needed time to transfer all my things and made adjustments to my service provider. The worst part's so easy to pack things up, but it's so hard to arrange them back again. Sigh! Until now, I am still not done arranging my stuff :(

In addition, I will be flying to Davao this weekend for the Kadayawan Festival! Yes, I can't wait to experience the said festival. It's not just vacation BTW, I have a job to accomplish. I am hoping to meet the Fashion Bloggers in Davao! For that, I need to pack now.

Good vibes!


Chyrel Gomez said...

So true. So hard to unpack things. Enjoy, Davao!

IMY, Rab! =)

rabsin_d said...

IMY too Chy!!! See you soonest!