Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shop at Multiply the Cebu Style

This has been one of the longest wait for bloggers like me and the rest of the merchants here in Cebu. Multiply finally came here in Cebu to meet and greet bloggers and merchants and officially introduce the most hyped e-commerce platform that they have been working on.

I remember myself years ago posting my photos in Multiply, but because of being resourceful and business minded of the Filipinos and the South East Asian people, Multiply welcomed the world of online shopping!
I love shopping @shopatmultiply
I love shopping @shopatmultiply
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Below are some photos during the said event:
Ilaputi was a great venue for this meet and greet event! Food has always been consistent and incomparable.
with Kristine R., Eden V. and Mark M.
Everyone was very attentive and eager to listen to the speakers.
Jack Madrid, Multiply's Country Manager.  I had the chance to actually converse with him months ago. He was still associated to a different group back then.
The tools offered by Multiply to all buyers/sellers when you use their platform. These are for free BTW.
Rianna of 
Open Forum
Multiply meets Cebu Merchants and Bloggers
Don't forget the outfit shots!

Hype my look above or click here :D

BTS shot by Jem Villaverde
(Shades and accessories from SM Accessories; Thrifted coat and shoes; Vintage sling bag; Multi-striped colored shirt from Decked Out; Jeans from Human) -- I just love this SHOES btw :D
Loving this shot of Eden. Thank you love!
My loves - Marco and Eden
CFB (L-R: Alexa, Vanessa, Chyrel, Jem, Liezyl, Rabsin)
Heading to the nearest milk tea store ;)
To be all honest, I am no good with business, but I would love to give it a try...and this is the key for my first attempt to try business. I have been saying this on my previous posts that I am working on my online shop and this will be under I was so inspired that it made me open my own BPI account a week after the said event just to connect the payment transaction. See how hyped I am on this new endeavor? LOL! I really can't wait for my online shop to open. I hope to see you all there. :D

For more information, check the videos below:

How to Shop Online

Successful Merchants/Sellers on Multiply

(Photos are from: Multiply FB Page, Eden and Jem)

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