Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Sexy Revolution Starts Now

During my younger days, I used to diet by not eating, and I instantly see the result a day after. (My friends also say the same thing. LOL!) Unfortunately, when you're in your middle 20's, you get the tendency of hating disco bars and start appreciating coffee shops or would even choose to stay at home and rest rather than going out. That's the stage where you need to be cautious of your health and lifestyle. (Slap in the face.)

Blame it all to beer and alcohol! They are the major reason why I get this beer belly. Well, what can I say? Drinking is more fun in the Philippines! LOL!

Yes, once upon a time, that was my body.
Okay...yes, that's me and I apologize for the photo. I would just like to emphasize that once upon a time, I used to have that body. So now, my goal is to get that shape back and/or improve it! Good thing I have registered to FITFIL Fitness Boot Camp in Cebu by Coach Jim Saret (one of the trainers in Biggest Loser Philippines) and will start on the 15th of May...and I WILL get that body back!

I am also very interested to try Sexy Solutions by Belo. I always see the tweets from Raymond Gutierrez and Georgina Wilson saying that it can take away those fats that is sooooo hard to get rid-off, especially the love handles and the abdomen area which is my biggest problem.

Sexy Solutions 50% Off Promo
My Sexy Revolution Starts Now!
Now that Sexy Solutions is having a 50% Off Promo, there is, absolutely, no way for me not giving this a shot. I mean, have you seen Raymond Gutierrez now? It's such a big change and he looks indubitably great!

So let's do this for a better and healthier lifestyle!

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