Sunday, May 27, 2012

In a Trance

This past weeks was just like 1 dream. Do you notice that your dream jumps from one chapter to another having different settings and scenarios? LOL! That's where I am at now.

I now I have been pre-occupied with work and, yes, it will still be my number 1 priority; however, I guess time  today is just too fast that my mind could not cope up of the things I've been to or even the things I did. LOL!

Here are some photos that I had the past few weeks. This is just a quick one so here it goes.
Me as a bad guy in a short film: John Doe by Eden and Thaad.
Siege, Marco, Joy, Yves, Eden, Moi and Roland at the Atlantis Fashion Show
Shake and Sweat Party at Portofino with Sam.
Party-ing out with Mark, Borgy and Cedric.
Cebu Blog Camp 2012 Launching at The Center Suite. The Center Suite  will be launching next week by the way but I'll keep you posted on my next posts :)
The Life Dance 2012 stage! It was sooooo nice!
Great friends + crazy outdoor party = Life Dance 2012 (L-R: Me, Marco, Joy and partner, Vanessa)
Just look at that crowd! What a huge crowd at 11 pm...and it went more crowded  after every hour.
So far this are the photos I got. I'll be posting a more detailed entry for these events when I find a free time. For the mean time, you guys enjoy your day and dance your life away! :D

(some photos by Joy and Angel)

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