Monday, January 9, 2012

The Malagos Garden Resort - Davao Day 1

After the very tiring walk at the Philippine Eagle Center, I wanted our Malagos Garden Resort tour to be more relax -- I know they have this vehicle that will tour you in their very wide area. Unfortunately, their was no available we decided to start walking, but before we even went to the first stop, we saw some vintage bicycles for rent. Yes, we rented it for Php 50.00/hour.
Vintage bicycles for rent at Malagos Garden Resort
The Malagos Garden Resort is like a one-stop-tour! With so many things to do and animals to see, this place is definitely worth paying for!
Check the MAP in the background
See how big the place is? Trust me, you should get a ride if you want to tour the said garden resort ;)
I think we actually roamed the whole area and saw so so so many animals: horses, ostriches, peacock, etc.

See some of the photos we took below:
enjoy riding the bicycle
Inside the Butterfly Garden
I don't know what this is called but it's fun! I tried it too! Hahaha!
You can also see a huge Chess Board there!
The swing
The ostrich
Me and the ostrich
I wanna see a peacock-cock-cock, a PEACOCK! Hahaha!
After the tiring yet fun-filled tour, we went straight to their restaurant and grab some food!
Having lunch with our Tour Guide, Sir Nelson (check his rates here.)

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