Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanks Giving Relaxation in Parklane

It was just last week where we had a 4 days long weekend, thanks to Thanks Giving holiday! Coincidentally, I was able to stay at Parklane Cebu for a week thanks to my sister. It was the best relaxation ever!

Went swimming every morning...
Parklane Cebu Pool

Went swimming at night...
Parklane Pool

I also tried their relaxing jacuzzi...
Parklane Cebu Jacuzzi

Vanessa also joined me with my relaxing moments...

...and I also tried their gym which has awesome equipment! The good thing their is that their are personal trainers available anytime and there were few people who goes to their gym. The tread mill was the best btw. Too bad I wasn't able to take a photo of the place. I usually don't bring my phone in the gym.

Before I go to sleep, I never forget to have a warm deep in the tub to relax my nerves and restless muscles.
Parklane Cebu Bath Tub

I just wish it was like forever. Living life with no worries, no falsity and no stress. I just wish someday, everything is going to be friends, my family and my life. I just wish.

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