Thursday, October 13, 2011

Beauty & Butter in Cebu - Beautifuling to the Fullest

In my entire life, I have never experienced any hands or feet pampering or whatsoever…and I mean literally NEVER! Hahaha! Yes, believe it! Maybe because I didn’t grew in a family of abundance and we were taught not spend especially if you can actually do it on your own. Another factor maybe is that I’m a GUY! I don’t need this mani-pedi stuff.

However, I never expected it could be so much fun! FYI, I think I got addicted to it because right after this wonderful experience. I keep on cleaning my nails every now and then whether I'm at home or in the office. My office mates can attest to this. Waaaaah! Anyways, I will definitely recommend Beauty and Butter and treat my sister and mom. Well, okay…maybe once a month for me too ;)
Beauty and Butter Cebu
I guess I have posted it here years ago that the most abused part of my body was my feet. I used to be a soccer varsity and I'm pretty good at it. In addition to that, I'm pretty active with hip-hop dancing, pop-lock dancing and how should I forget my dance sport days in High School where we got the 1st Runner-Up against more less 10 contenders that were dance instructors by profession. So yeah, you can imagine how ugly my feet is. Haha!

Beauty and Butter in Cebu

Thanks to Beauty and Butter in Cebu, it was an honor to experience your services and I just want to commend you guys for an amazing staff and for a job well done with the interior. Kudos!
Buttercup - Mae
She is Mae, my Buttercup! (Yes, when a staff is assigned to you, they are your Buttercup!) She is originally a staff from Beauty & Butter MOA (Manila) but she got assigned in Cebu for 5 months to teach and help the new Beauty and Butter in Cebu. According to the Marketing Manager, she is the best in the MOA Branch...and yes, I cant definitely say that too! She was just AMAZING! I will definitely recommend her!

The event was extremely awesome! The Fashion Bloggers and the rest of the people were just fragrantly loud and were having so much fun! The conversation was endless! I can't wait for the Fashion Bloggers' plan of making a Pamper-Yourself-Day! By this time I guess you know where we guys will go ;)

Beauty and Butter Cebu is located at the 2nd Floor of Northwing SM City Cebu. It's beside Bench Fix.
Also check their FB Page here or you may contact them at (032) 236-9133 for queries and reservations.

Again, thank you so much for this BUTTERFUL experience!

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