Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ice Skating Ring Experience at MOA

We left Clark Pampanga (Hot Air Balloon Festival 2011 Escapade) for Manila since our trip going back to Cebu is Manila-Cebu. I went to visit a good friend who used to be a great photographer. We spent the whole morning relaxing. We ate our breakfast in a buffet, we also had our sauna and ended it with a great full body massage. Thanks for the time. I'll see you again March kuya LJ.

It was after lunch when I was able to meet another good friend, Chris (a.k.a. my driver). He was the one who first gave me a tour in my first Manila escapade and when he found out that I will be visiting Manila again, he, with no hesitations, offered his service by driving me to MOA, but before going to MOA, we needed to go to a detour because he was not able to take breakfast and we ended up eating somewhere near ABS-CBN and was able to talk about life in general. Thanks Chris!

After the talk, we hastily went to MOA to meet another friend, Pao; unfortunately, he couldn't join me because he have important matters to attend too.

Pao was obliged to guide me inside MOA. Hahaha!

Ice Skating Experience at MOA

Ice Skating Experience at MOA
I was excited to see the skating ring. I felt I was beeing called by the ice...whispering...calling... I hastily went in the ring and found myself gliding on the ice so elegant and flawless. Though there were times that I loose focus maybe because I never had the proper training and all. I wish there will be a skating ring in Cebu which I've heard there will be soon in the South SRP Area. I will definitely get some lesson.
Ice Skating Experience
It was one of the most memorable experience!

Photos by Marco.

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