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Nokia is Green - Promote Eco Friendly Mobile Devices

Nokia is pro-environment! Everyone should go green too!


Nokia leads among eco-friendly mobile devices

Nokia, the world’s number 1 mobile phone brand, takes another lead among mobile devices and services; this time by going ‘green’.
Nokia Eco Friendly Mobile Device
The brand has taken environmental thinking to the next level by providing products that feature innovations such as biopaints and recycled materials; and expansion of service and application offerings that improve lives for individuals, communities and our planet.

Nokia is making continuous improvements across its portfolio for positive environmental impact. In fact, in the span of 10 years the brand has reduced environmental impact on its mobile phones by up to 65%.

“We think every device should be made with the environment in mind because that makes a bigger difference for the environment and also gives greater variety of environmentally friendly phones for people to choose from. Our eco lead devices carry the widest selection of environmental features and introduce new innovations that are gradually implemented across portfolio.” said Benoit Nalin, General Manager of Nokia Philippines.
Nokia Eco Friendly Mobile Brand
One of the latest devices that Nokia has developed following the green route is the Nokia C7 smartphone, an eco lead device with a wide range of environmental features as well as new innovative materials that decrease environmental impact of the product throughout its lifecycle, including manufacturing, use and recycling.

The Nokia C7 is the first mobile device in the industry to use bio paints that are free of PVC, BFR (brominated flame retardants) and RFR (chlorinated and brominated compounds and antimony trioxide). It features OLED displays and power saving mode, and has high efficiency chargers with lowest stand-by power consumption. Plus, electronic user guides are available in the device, so it reduces the need for printed user manuals.

In addition, Nokia C7 is a feature-rich device, which can replace other gadgets, such as camera and music player. For the environment, it makes a big difference because instead of purchasing, using and charging multiple devices, you have an all-in-one device.

Aside from its eco lead devices, Nokia is also transparent in caring for the environment on its offered services and applications on Ovi Store ( Apps that could contribute in saving the environment we share are available online.

The Battery Extender Lite (1.14.2) (Utilities) extends the standby time of your smartphone by up to 30%. Used by over 1.5 million people, it helps by fine tuning the settings on your device as your battery drains, thus maximizing your smartphone’s battery performance. The Lite version includes 2 of the 7 features of the Pro version, along with a 14 day trial of all the Pro features.

You can test your wits and learn more about climate change at the same time with Climate Mission’s ecologically themed puzzles. This exciting game will make you race with time as you take important tasks of recycling your garbage, planting trees in the savannah, helping farmers cool their fields and making friends with ants to keep the air fresh.

And be a part of saving and nurturing our environment with RecycleMe, a mobile tool designed to promote recycling in an unconventional way. With the help of Nokia’s evolving technology this tool encourages social awareness on easier and convenient ways to reduce, reuse and recycle waste materials.

Other Nokia smartphones that exhibit environment friendly edge are Nokia N8, E7, and C6-01. With these eco lead devices, services and apps from Nokia, mobile phones will change the environment for the better.


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