Friday, January 28, 2011

Nokia’s Symbian is best choice for app developers


Developing applications have become easier and more worthwhile by using our mobile phones and this is especially true when using the Symbian platform from Nokia, the world’s number 1 mobile phone brand.

The Symbian software allows app developers to effortlessly knit different components together to develop more innovative applications. And they can upload completed apps to the Ovi Store, where millions of Nokia users can access their creations.

Here are 10 reasons why developing for Nokia Symbian smartphones is the best choice:

1. Versatility – Symbian is the only technology that supports devices from the high end, low end, QWERTY keyboard, touch, feature, and smartphones. This gives developers more options to create applications that will suit the lifestyle and preference of Nokia mobile users.

2. Ovi Store – It is Nokia’s personal media network where developers can sell completed applications made through their smartphone. Over 170 million Nokia users will get the chance to access these apps. This global store is available in 30 languages and gets about one billion downloads per year.

3. Ovi Growth – The Ovi Store gets an estimated 3.5 million downloads per day and this number has doubled in just 9 months.

4. Innovation– Symbian is constantly being developed and improved. Some 250 new features were introduced in Symbian^3 and will feature a split-screen text input, Swype, QWERTY keypad in portrait mode, and an all-new web browser by early 2011.

5. Modern – Nokia’s Symbian software has no binary break which means applications will be compatible with future devices for many years to come. And when MeeGo is made available, Qt apps will be easy to port over.

6. Symbian and Nokia are #1 – Nokia plans to ship over 50 million Symbian^3 devices to expand and reach out to potential customers. This endeavor is a result of having Symbian as the most-used smartphone platform in the world.

7. Languages – Developing for Symbian is easier because it does not use C++, instead it utilizes Qt, Qt Quick and HTML 5. A reduction of 70% code will give developers more time to improve their existing apps, or make new ones.

8. Opportunity – Nokia Symbian smartphones with its highly modern capabilities is a platform for all enthusiastic developers to create new applications. In North America, a competition called “Calling All Innovators” is giving away $10 million for developers to create new apps and games for Nokia N8.

9. Operator Billing – Ovi Store has operator billing (OB) for 99 operators in 29 markets. Note that credit card (CC) payment is available globally but when OB is available, purchases can increase by 12 times.

10. Success Cases – Real world examples certify that Symbian is the most popular and trusted platform today. Ninety-two developers have passed one million downloads on the Ovi Store. Off-screen Technologies have had 45 million downloads in over 200 countries. Digital Chocolate has more than four million games downloads. HeroCraft more than 10 million downloads.

With these reasons said, it is easier and more rewarding for programmers to develop for Nokia Symbian smartphones.


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