Monday, May 24, 2010

Cebu Blog Camp 2010 a Success

Indubitably, Cebu Blog Camp 2010 was full of interesting topics, great speakers, proactive bloggers and participants, hard working organizers and staff, fabulous sponsors and contests with fantastic prizes!

It was just amazing! I had so much fun, especially with the talks, the games, the prizes and most especially, the FOOD!!!

One of the best part of the event was also meeting new friends! I never expected that I will be meeting this people who I just know through their blogs...but during the event, I actually had the chance to even talk to them...except for one though. I never expected that Coy will be at the event and I actually didn't see him...too bad because I am an avid fan of his videos. He is one of the reason why I vlog.

I also won a customized wordpress theme worth $300!!! How cool is that!? It's THE BEST!!! Wooohooo! SO HAPPY!!! I'll make the most out of this prize!

Below are some photos during the event:

The Cebu Blog Campers
Rabsin at Cebu Blog Camp 2010Yummy krispy kreme doughnuts at Cebu Blog CampRabsin, Chiq and Angelimicamyx and finlust + infacyBryan, Debbie, Rabsin, Iggy, Beejing, Mikyu, Doyzkie and NowiCebu Bloggers Society at Cebu Blog Camp 2010
The Blog camp was a blast! I ahad so much fun and earned so many friends! I can't wait for Cebu Blog Camp 2011!!! Congratulations everyone!


Shariza said...

it was a fun event and I can't wait for next year! weeeee!!

rabsin_d said...

@Shake: woot! Super duper...especially the camwhoring!