Friday, May 28, 2010

Lenovo's Product Launching: Making Life More Fun

There is nothing more fun than having a life with awesome technology having fashionably amazing features!

Lenovo Philippines boastfully present some of their new products. Most of them are notebooks, laptop and all-in-one desktop computers. All of them are pleasing to the eyes and very attractive inside and out.

These are latest Lenovo products, their respective prizes and when will they be available in the market:

IdeaCenter A300 Ultra thin all-in-one desktop (June 2010) – P47,900
IdeaPad Z460 Entertainment laptop (June 2010) – P47,900
IdeaPad U460 Ultraportable laptop (July 2010) – P34,900
Lenovo B460 Laptop (June 2010) – P30,000
Lenovo V460 Laptop (June 2010) – P38,000
ThinkCentre A70z All-in-one desktop (End of May 2010) – P40,000
ThinkPad Edge 14” Laptop (End of May 2010) – P40,000

The event was indeed a full blast! Please see some photos below:

Rabsin at Lenovo's Product LaunchingEnjoying Lenovo TechnologyRabsin at Lenovo LaunchLenovo Product Launching Question and AnswerLenovo Representatives: Francis Judan, Michael Ngan, Vincent Song and Jimmy ChinLenovo Representative: Karen Capellan
FinLust in Lenovo's Idea U460
RabSing in Lenovo's Idea U460Thanks to Jose for most of the photos.

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