Saturday, December 26, 2009

Keso de Gallo by Kraft Eden

Last Dec 23, 2009 right after the Dawn Mass (Misa de Gallo), we, the Cebu Bloggers Society was invited to join and celebrate the Keso de Gallo by Kraft Eden Cheese.

Keso de Gallo is a nationwide event that goes with the 9 days Simbang Gabi. It showcases Noche Buena dishes and with Eden, it will definitely change the people's perception of a Noche Buena dish.

This will be held in different towns including Bacolod City, Butuan City, Cagayan De Oro, Cebu City, Davao, Iloilo, Laoag, Naga, and Pamapanga...and I am glad to be part of the said event here in Cebu.

The Creator of Maja Con KesoThe theme of Keso de Gallo is "Nutritious, Delicious, Affordable" and the winner for Cebu was the extraordinary Maja of a Cebuana teacher, the Mixed Vegetable Maja Con Keso. Who would imagine a delicious maja like this is composed of ordinary and affordable recipes like squash, mongo, carrots, ubi, and eden cheese.

Below are videos where Kraft Eden is being introduced and how Keso de Gallo started and what are the objectives of the said event. The winner in Cebu was also highlighted on this video and how she made ordinary recipes to its fullest, and most delicious Maja.

Keso de Gallo by Kraft Eden - Part 1

Keso de Gallo by Kraft Eden - Part 2

Mixed Vegetable Maja Con KesoI had the chance to interview the winner and she said she was really lucky! She never expected to win Keso de Gallo. In fact, she almost lost hope in joining the contest because she was informed late and had a limited time to prepare the ingredients that she needs.Enjoying Maja Con Keso Fortunately, she was able to identify her ingredients on time. She only had one week to perfect her master piece, The Mixed Vegetable Maja Con Keso. She makes one in the morning and let her students and her co-teachers taste it then let them have comments about it, and another one in the afternoon while taking notes of the comments. It has been a one week critisism about the master peice...and on the final day, it has finally been perfected! The MASTER PEICE was ready for Keso de Gallo!

Keso de Gallo - Mixed Vegetable Maja Con KesoYou don't actually need to pay so much just to have a yummy nutritious foods for Noche Buena, just get what you have in your backyard and be imaginative and create your own Noche Buena dish!