Monday, November 16, 2009

Not a Blue Sunday After All

My Sunday wasn't that boring after all...

I checked PINOY WORLD yesterday and found out that I was qualified to visit Maribago Bluewaters. (My entry here: A Sunday by the Beach at Maribago Bluewater).

It was my first time and was definitely amazed by its beauty...

Before we (some CBS members and I) arrived at Maribago, we got lost somewhere in Marigondon; however, we did manage to get our path straight.

At the arrival, we were welcomed by accommodating employees and gave us our towels for the beach. Since it was hot, instead of going to the beach, we went to the pool and gave ourselves a break.

Then, we went to our luncheon buffet. I had so much fun!!!

I was also able to meet new friends/bloggers:

Audrey: Maribago Bluewater and Pinoy Bloggers
Edcel: maribago bluewater beach resort treat
Doi: Hoping to see Maribago Bluewater again

Here are some photos of our sumptuous food:

Maribago Luncheon Buffet Maribago Spicy Squid Delicious Maribago Foods Maribago Delicacies Yummy!!! Maribago Ice Cream

Yes, I have tasted each and every food on those photos and one of the best I tasted is Maribago's Ice Cream!!!

After lunch, we were able to talk about a lot of things...from SEO to Adsense to food to experiences...etc. We also had the time to watch Manny Pacquiao's win against Miguel Cotto

I definitely enjoyed and learned lots of things from our discussion.

watching Manny Pacquiao's win against Cotto rabsin talks about SEO Edcel talks about Adsense CBS at Maribago CBS meets Doi CBS meets Doi and Audrey

Before we mark our footprints in Maribago, we, again, savor and enjoy the calmness of their pool.

Here is a video during the event:

An underwater photo session...

Walking Underwater Style...

rabsin's underwater photo at Maribago
It was indeed a great Sunday treat for me. Till then...

rab, tibo, guadz, pibi, zyza, doi, Audrey, Ed
(Photos by Edcel and videos by Doi)


JoSeLLE said...

awww wanted to try this contest out, pero didn't know how to make links clickable a few weeks ago LOL! Do they have contests like this often? Can't wait to see your pics, heard that the resort looks awesome!

rabsin_d said...

Toink! heeheehee! Yeh! Ican't wait too :D

doi said...

Joselle, check out this teaser - - to see how wonderful the resort is. Rab, can't wait for the pics too! :-D

MalDeeTuh said...

hey, thanks for the comment. it was nice meeting you too. you guys are funny! wohoooo..t'was fun!

rabsin_d said...

@MalDeeTuh: Hi! Thanks for the comment too! I'm glad you had fun even if we were really noisy. ciao!