Monday, October 26, 2009

A Sunday by the Beach at Maribago Bluewater

Our home in Dumaguete has an easy access to the beach. It's just a walking distance...and I often go there to enjoy lots of things: the beach, my friends, and I also go with the fishermen early morning to place the nets. I used to be really dark because of this...yet I love doing it.

However, after staying here in Cebu, I rarely have this chance to enjoy the beach the way I enjoy it before. I keep on waiting for opportunities to grasp the beach and see the horizon again...but wait no more!

A Sunday by the Beach at Maribago Bluewater
I just heard that Maribago Bluewater is inviting all bloggers to enjoy a Sunday by the beach...and I just got so psyched for this special event...since it will be my first time to go to Maribago, if ever given a chance to be part of the said event. I would like it to be on the 15th of November (Since this will only be my available day).

I've heard so much about Maribago Bluewater from CBS and some friends and it just gives me the drive to write and join 'A Sunday by the beach at Maribago Bluewater'.

I just want to thank PinoyWorld for this heart-driving opportunity for us, bloggers, to be part of Maribago's enchanting place.

If you want to join but unsure, I highly doubt if you would still feel the same way after watching Maribago Bluewater video.

What are you waiting for, join here now!

For more information, you can check: 70 Times 7 Times for Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort, and Maribago bluewater blog.

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