Saturday, October 3, 2009

Missing Mama

I was about to post this entry on the exact day that it happened, but I never had the time because of work. Anyways, it was last week during our first break when the janitress in the office asked for a favor. (She is the closest person I have in the office.) She would like to borrow money for her son's allowance for the next day. I never hesitated to give her what she needed even if it was the last money I had.

I was really touched of what our janitress did for her son. It was a mother's intuition...for the best of her family.

I could see my mom in her...the time when my mom, the bread winner of our family, got terminated without any reason. Because of this, there were days, probably even weeks, where we couldn't eat 3 times a day. I noticed my mom not even eating just for us to eat the food in the table. And every night, I could hear her cry, yet the next morning she still let everyone see that she's firm and strong.

Sacrifice and unconditional love is all I could say that best defines my mom...and all the moms for that matter.

I LOVE YOU MOM! And I miss you so much.
Lilia de la Cruz


Lilia A de la Cruz said...

I'm so touched by the ACT OF LOVE you did to that mother my son....! You're so great..!Difficult situations become the turning point for everyone to experience God's great love for us and Love Him back by loving our neighbors.... I'm so proud for you son...!Keep up your good work for God's glory ! I miss you too...You're learning from FOCOLARE (from Chiara Lubich).

rabsin_d said...

thanks ma...I know this entry is not enough for me to say thank you for everything...because you deserve so much more...I MISS YOU!

estan said...

i salute you for this blog bai as well as your mother. sometimes, we just take them for granted. bitaw, like you, i often miss my mother since i'm not based in cebu.

rabsin_d said...

@estan: here2...and i feel guilty for neglecting all their effort for us...sigh...BTW, tga-saan ka pla?

rabsin_d said...

@estan: murag nawala imo comment...ako bya g-approve...anyways, lamat sa tanang comments...hehehe! I bet your mom is also proud of you...I think all mom does...