Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pepeng Strikes Republic of the Philippines

CNN NEWS: Tropical Storm Pepeng threaten to approach Republic of the Philippines by weekend near Palau Island. If it will not change course it will hit Central Visayas or Soutern Luzon and will develop into super typhoon as it gains strength at Pacific Ocean. Take Precaution and Please pray.

It just came out that the storm is already in CATEGORY 5 SUPER TYPHOON. Expected landfall is late Friday or early Saturday. Path is through Northern Luzon.

This will be the strongest storm that we will be encountering so far. Again, please pray for everyone and for the Philippines.

Video here.


mona said...

where'd you get your facts btw?

rabsin_d said...

CNN po mona ;D

mona said...

hehe their facts are a little off... i think they're referring to Polilio not Palau.. I'm not sure, but is there a Palau Island in the Phil? Isn't Palau a republican country or something?? Lol! and 8s not hitting central visayas, 8s entering from eastern visayas then moving west northwest to luzon...HOLY CRAP!!! WHY DO I KNOW THESE STUFF?!?! ROFL!!!

mona said...

wait, sorry i misread the first part..they really are referring to Palau Island because it is close to the Philippines as well.. lmfao!!!

rabsin_d said...

@mona: nyahaha! kaw carefully kuno...heeheehee! miss you mumu!