Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Simple Action Counts: The Jeepney Driver

It was right after work when I hastily went into this jeepney going home. Nothing was really amusing in the jeepney since everyone looks tired and sleepy because it was almost midnight. Until the the jeepney driver made a simple action that made me to write this entry.

I noticed most of the jeepney drivers don't follow the traffic lights, especially at night or when no vehicles are conflicting, but not this driver, and it amazed me ALOT!

I suddenly remembered my mom saying 'Simple action counts in Him even if no one knows or care...' She was a great believer on the saying; however, I still lose my track on it.

Well, I just want to commend this jeepney driver for doing this simple act yet is a BIG impact to everyone (most people just do not notice its significance). Who ever you are, THANK YOU!


Anonymous said...

w0w.. kabuutan ni manong ^__^ hehehe

rabsin_d said...

hahaha! indeed! Thanks sa comment Anonymous :D

princessngaako said...

congrats sa driver. :D
it's the simple things that count. :D

rabsin_d said...

@princessngaako: hehehe! congratz indeed! (rock)

clarence said...

there's still a possibility that he'll be caught if he violate since 24hours ang CITOM and i heard that there are cameras installed sa mga streets.

rabsin_d said...

(woot) really? I hope it's working...hehehe! Btaw2... I just hope manrabaho ang police ana... :D