Tuesday, September 22, 2009

People Pleaser

I was mostly with Daisy, a very special friend, during my weekend in Dumaguete. We went to the different places we used to go and discovered some new places too.

We got really close because we are so similar...from personality to life to experiences. Most of them are the same and we share the same thoughts; however, she can express herself better than I do. We help and give advices to each other through our hard times and understand our shortcomings.

I just want to say thank you for being a good friend and one of the best friends I met.

After enjoying the weekend, Daisy told me that I was a people pleaser...and right there I realized she was totally right! All this time, I am indeed try to please everyone, but I actually didn't intend to do so. It just goes out naturally. I don't forcefully change myself to please anyone, it simply adjusts by its own. Is this what they are trying to say being flexible in making friends..?

However, I also realized that it can cause damage to me...since people often misunderstand lots of's inevitable.

For now, I'm just glad my family is okay and have lots of real and good friends to count on.

Wish everyone good health and God speed!


xar_asbir said...

Rick, I think we have the same thought. I've been trying to stop this attitude of becoming a "people pleaser" but it seems like I just can't say "no".

Mikyu said...

i think i can relate sa people pleaser thing. pero like you, i don't intend to do it. it just comes out naturally. and maybe i'm just trying to be nice to everyone. why would i like to annoy them, anyway? diba? hehehe. :D okay ra nah rab. let's have a lot of friends. sila na bhala if they'll keep us (or not) for who we are. hehehe. :P

rabsin_d said...

@xar: hehehe! indeed! I noticed abang...but It does not follow to all things...most lng...

@Mikyu: cheers! Friends come and go...real friends stay even if they're far away :D

maemaye said...

I can relate to this "people teaser" thingy as well. I don't know why everywhere I go, I can please everyone without any intention at all. Its just the real me..