Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Last Goodbye

A poetry to reflect on. I'm really not sure what category this poetry belongs and it really kinda suck, but what the it goes:

The Last Goodbye

Please let me free
Right now, I'm okay and over you
It did took me some time and assurances, but now i can see
Nevertheless, I will always be a friend to you
Count on that my friend
Except, if you don't want to
Rude words I've thrown, hope you can forgive
You who badmouth and think false
Apology I'm asking is pure, please believe
Not like others who commits the same things again
God knows my love was real, but now
It's gone for you to feel
Love comes and goes
It's up to you to brag its moment, because
Goodbyes' door will always be open.

Because of this poetry, I'll be having a contest. Yes, a CONTEST for everyone! There is something in this poetry, a password or a code that needs to be unlocked. Whatever it is, that's yours to discover.

There will be a price for the contest don't worry (I'll update this blog this weekend for the price), but for now let's talk about it's process:
  • Answers thru YM (no any other way)
  • My YM is rabsin_d

Good luck!


Mikyu said...

i already know the code. but am i qualified to take this contest? perhaps not. i have a glorious advantage eh. hahaha. anyway, i'll just IM you my answer. :P

Mikyu said...

and by glorious advantage d.i, i mean hilig ku ug mga in.ani nga "puzzles" or something. we've had pretty much of this na, though lahi nga kind. hehehe. ;)

rabsin_d said...

@Mikyu: Good luck nlng...nyahaha!

Aika Galleca said...

murag kabaw ko.ahahaha.. e pm lang nako- himo-e sad ko ingon ani b. ahahaha.ambot kaha if sakto bako

rabsin_d said...

@Aika: nyahaha! chismosa...heeheehee! sure2! I can make one for you...pila man imo budget? nyahaha! Btaw, just tell me if you want one...