Saturday, August 29, 2009

STATUS: On the verge of getting strong

For the past 24 days, my status has been a big question mark. There was a point where I felt love and came to a point where I gave my whole trust. Then suddenly, it just vanished in a split-second.

It was on that point where I felt void...and because I could not handle it, I left behind most of the very important things in life...just for a love that is quite despicable...weak, unstable, and rubbish!

It was so stupid of me to let this love, or I could say lust went on and dominated my manhood...

And now I learned...and so over you! That's why I have the urge to write this now.

I am now ready for the next BIG STEP, and I am stepping forward with or without you. I'm stronger than you think now. I wont be fooled by your words...not anymore! I may go with the flow, but never fooled.

I only wish you good luck in your path now. Peace out!


L.A. said...

Someone needs some serious bitch-slapping Rick? Hehehe. Be strong!

rabsin_d said...

Nyahaha! indeed!...wahehe! Damn I miss Dumaguete so much!!!