Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm gonna be a daddy...

...This (the title) was what my friend told me last weekend when I went back to Dumaguete.

I actually thought that this is the reason why he needed me to go back to Dumaguete, but he kept it so vague...until the confrontation came.

I'm so happy to the both of you guys! May you be blessed and guided by our Father Almighty...

You have a new life now, new challenges to face, and new priorities to set. I have always had in mind that taking this step is a BIG leap in once life, and this takes time to decide...and I'm sure you did.

If you wanted to have my blessing, you don' need to ask...because I have given it to you along time ago. Be merry and be strong Jay and Gia! I love you guys!!!

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