Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Welcome Unemployment

God must really have a plan...

I've been thinking about this for quite sometime now, but I did not have enough eagerness to spill it out (because I know that I can handle/manage it); and most often, it's enough for me to write something about it rather than doing it.

Not until love came and ruined myself as a strong-willed person and a good employee...but I'm not blaming was me who did this and I pity myself for making a foolish mistake.

A friend of mine told me that never bring your personal life at work and vice versa...and I said and that was the thing I overlooked...

Actually, it's not just love that triggered me to stop, it is also: my longing i have for my parents, getting homesick, getting sudden sickness, missing friends, etc...

I'm just happy that I have great and supportive bosses...I indeed learned and realize alot of things in life...and to be a better employee... THANK YOU!!! I want to commend you both for your being a GREAT mentor/leader.

I also want to thank you for appreciating me on how I work even for the last time. Letting me handle the night shift was indeed a challenging yet worthwhile experience!

Now, I am stuck with questions I could not answer, and if I do, I don't wanna answer them:

Will I ever find another job?

Is it in Cebu or Dumaguete?

If in Dumaguete, What will happen to my long dream of joining CBS?

Am I ready to leave my friends in Cebu?

...and so much more...

what do you think? Should I stay or go back to Dumaguete?


Bryan Karl said...

Waaaah, why man?

Sus, do your best lang and you'll find another good job. Good luck!

Jimoy! said...

wew interesting post.hehehe i can relate

rabsin_d said...

@Bryan: I think the entry will answer your wrap it all up, I got weak :)

@Jimoy: thanks for the comment dude ;)

L.A. said...

Awts. Don't worry. We also have DUMBO (Dumaguete Bloggers Org) and Negros Bloggers, too. Pero NB is based in Bacolod. DUMBO, on the other hand, is not yet organized. Ikaw magulo ulo ani diri. Hehehe.

rabsin_d said...

@LA: really? basin ikaw ra himo2 ani ha...wahehehe! I dont know kuya LA, I just can't easily let go of Cebu...sigh

kat said...

Will I ever find another job? --> of course you will. it's not the end of the world. Smile!

Is it in Cebu or Dumaguete? --> it will depend on the job you will choose. And the next job you choose will depend on where your priorities lie.

If in Dumaguete, What will happen to my long dream of joining CBS? -->It's all about priorities. you will have to let it go if you wish to be with your family and have a job at the same time. Some things require a little sacrifice. No one gets all the good stuff all at once.

Am I ready to leave my friends in Cebu? -->think of the bright side: Cebu is so near dumaguete you won't even feel you "left" them. :D and besides, what's the internet for?

xo. Kat.

rabsin_d said...

Hi Ms.Kat! Thanks for spending some of your time answering this weird and dumb questions...LOL

So true, priority is what I need to set...and for now, I need to help my parents pay our debt and it's easy for me to (probably) gain money here...sigh!

There is also something that I need to fix here...I'll be okay...Thanks alot!

kat said...


DUMBO sounds funny for a blog society. :/ wa na gyud lain?

rabsin_d said...

@kat: mao jud...klaro kaaung hinimo2 ra ni...LOL