Tuesday, August 4, 2009

If This Isn't Love, What Could This Be...?

A weird and confusing thing that happened to...and now I'm actually laughing when I remember it...LOL!

(written last weekend)

If This Isn't Love, What Could This Be...?

If you're single and you sleep with a friend (single), that is okay... - Mo Twister (Killer Bee DJ)

However, if you sleep with a friend and you're not sure where it's heading, is that still okay???

This is the question that has been bothering me for a week now. Maybe because I wasn't able to ask...because I don't like our friendship to shatter...

Honestly, there are lots of questions bothering me, but I could not prioritize one...

What is between us?

Will this even work out?

Should there something to work out?

...and so much more that I couldn't even put them in a good structured question!

I just need some that the pain won't strengthen and dominate my soul.

Because I think I already showed you that I want to have a relationship with you (I effin' don't know why so don't bother asking)...probably even showed you more.

Maybe was unique and overwhelming...

So, if you really want/need/like me, just say it. Don't throw my questions back at me.
Confrontation via text:

'There was nothing between us'...and it was too late. My heart was broken bad...real bad...

...let's just say it was a worthwhile experience. 'Good times' as most people say...because I learned and realized from it.
The meet-up:

I'm the kind of person that needs closure every time something goes wrong, especially that time because I had work and I know I'd look stupid at work if I don't fix this.

A good conversation and explanation is all i need. we met up...and talked...

I just wanted to know few stuff. I saw some flaws with the explanation, but I didn't bother to rebut, rather I tried to understand because there was no point.

We know it was not going to work out, especially now I just knew that there was someone else.

The end of our conversation was to be good friends...

At work, I realized how stupid I was because I easily gave my trust to you, but I had my reasons...

I know that too much of everything is not good, especially trust...but I was so sure in giving my trust on you (if you want to ask why, ask me personally).

You said it yourself that you were once a counselor (to help people), but what you are doing is not a 'good way'. There are a lot of ways how to help people, and what you are doing isn't one of them.

What you are doing might affect you in the long run. I tell you, you're not the only counselor here buddy (just an FYI).

Yet still, I'm aware of my flaws, everyone has one. That's why we learn through experience.

Now, I just texted a good friend (and a good friend of yours too) and we're okay now. Hopefully, we can talk soon.

The only concern that I'm facing right now said you want us to be good friends, but why do I feel that you're turning your back on me.

Are you...?

You don't even text or can we be good friends then...?

If you're concern is that I might feel the same thing as before, don't worry... I learned...and that I'm SURE.


Bryan Karl said...

Okay ra na doh. At least makaingon nakag

"Been there, done that, might as well learn." ;)

Ethelbert said...

ouch.. im so sorry to read this. surely, im getting you rick.. dont worry.. its not the end of the world. the next time should be more transparent with the intentions before embarking on a relationship.. i hope you guys will talk about this soon.. just to have a better closure, if that is really needed.

rabsin_d said...

@BRyan: I totally agree Bryan!

@Ethelbert: LOL! no worries! I'm totally ok! And we already had the closure...though it wasn't really that enough because until now we had no communication...

I know i'm okay now...I'm sure!
But the other one, I highly doubt...

Maybe naguilty cya or something but I didnt blame everything sa iya...I knew I have my flaws on what happened...

Anonymous said...

wow bro!!
I'm not that good in giving advices but..

Soon u'll just laugh of what happened.hehe :)
Yaw rag "dibdiba" (damn i like using that word ^^)

TC bro..

rabsin_d said...

Hei bro Jaja! Hehe! yeh! I remember I used to give you lots of advices about you and your gf...and here I am grumbling my rubbish thoughts out.

LOL! I know bro. I even wrote that here...LOL! FYI, I'm okay now...just waiting for the other party's signal...

I know it will be okay...I just hope it won't be too late or sooner...

thanks for the comment BTW!

Aiken said...

comment. hehehehehehehe