Friday, July 3, 2009

My phone can access INTERNET!


I’m so HAPPY!!! Aside from her wearing the necklace I bought for her birthday, I can access Internet through my PHONE! YEAH!!!

I was experimenting and researching how to access Internet through my phone…and all these times, it was right in front of me for more than 3 months now: INTERNET SERVICES! I never tried opening it until now…

Anyways, my CP is an Access NetFront Web Browser carrier, which is, I think, the fastest web browser for nanotechnology.

NetFront™ Browser is the most advanced, versatile and powerful full Internet browser for beyond-PC devices. Specifically designed and optimized to deliver high performance in resource-constrained environments, NetFront Browser supports almost any OS and CPU, and offers low power consumption, easy customization, and a broad range of plug-ins.
These reasons and more are why the NetFront Browser is the most popular choice for manufacturers and operators. In fact, NetFront™ products, including the NetFront Browser as an embedded Internet browser, have shipped in over 600 million devices (as of August 31, 2008) throughout the world, including mobile phones, digital TVs, set-top boxes, mobile handhelds, game consoles, automobile navigation systems and many other types of products. (

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