Thursday, July 2, 2009


I have been always keen when it comes to spending money…but now, I need to be keener!

I used to live in a City where you can find Turo-Turo Store that will greatly satisfy your hunger with a budget of 20-30 pesos. But now, it’s as if you’re obliged to go to classy restaurants, which will cost you much, because of the way your environment is living.

I deeply miss Dumaguete…

I miss those days where my high school friends and I used to eat at Kasadja bringing only 15 pesos for a cup of rice and a piece of pork chop with free soup :)

There are also what we call Manggahan and Kabayuan (the same owner I think) that serves delicious paklay. Also, one of the highlights here is the exotic food that they cater: UTOK (UTAK or BRAIN)! Yummy!!!

Habhaban is also a popular place to go, especially after social night out and cheering practices. You might want to try Soup # 5 here.

If you want to eat exotic street foods, Barbequehan sa ACSAT and The Bridge are the best places for you. Barbeque, isaw (IUD), adidas, longganisa, hotdog, chorizo, and a lot more…and very cheap!

If you desire pizza, I introduce to you NEVA’S PIZZA, PASTA, ATBP. They are, so far, the best and the cheapest pizza place I’ve ever been in Dumaguete! Try it! You won’t regret!

These are the usual places I go to in Dumaguete (Food Escapades).

There are better restaurants in Dumaguete like Gabby’s Bistro, owned by kuya Gabby and Ma Mia’s Restaurant…but I prefer extraordinary food in a very casual (probably less casual) places.

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