Saturday, July 4, 2009

Mixed Up

Today will be my last shift for the day...and I am having mixed emotions.

Last shift was a perfect scenario of work I wanted! Lots of work, but not too much.

I am still overwhelmed of what God has given to my sister and I here in Cebu:

  • a great apartment to stay and very affordable;
  • responsible parents...No doubt;
  • healthy body;
  • good paying job;
  • talents; and
  • our knowledge.

A member of our Cheer Leading Team send a message earlier that she with her family will migrate in San Fransisco. A dream of going abroad has been a desire since a child.

It was just yesterday that I knew that my batch mate is already working in a prestigious company in Manila, IBM. One of the dreams I had after graduation...sigh.

I've been always active in the BLOG WORLD and it will be a great honor for me to finally meet, hopefully, all the CEBU BLOGGERS SOCIETY at Waterfront Hotel on the 11th of July. However, with all the priorities I'm dealing right now, I'm not sure If I can be active with their activities, especially that I have noticed that most of them belongs to a higher class family.

Simply because I am missing my hometown...and to the special person that keeps my heart on its fast pace.

The only question that is drowning my mind is that: Will I survive here in Cebu?

What do you think?


Vir Antonio said...

I guess YOU DID SURVIVE for more than a month now...LoL!

rabsin_d said...

I guess so...wahehehe! thanks for answering BTW...