Friday, June 26, 2009


(written: 3:30; June 25, 2009)

As what I have written in my previous entry, my sister and I, along with her friends, watched TRENSFORMERS 2...and what can I say? -- STUNNING!!!
Everything in the movie was indeed AMAZING!!! We already got a reservation before the movie started so we already have our names on our respective sits!

I can say no more but to praise the movie! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Anyways, earlier at the apartment, my sister brought a DVD which I hastily watched. The movie was entitled 'NODAME CANTABILE', and that is the name of the main character (Juri Ueno)...a very cute girl.
The story is in relation to music, specifically Orchestra...and about this girl who have this weird personality that men usually get interested...and that's what happened to Chiaki Cinichi, the leading guy role, (Hiroshi Tamaki).
However, I was not able to finish watching it since I badly need to sleep...I'll puspone my synopsis in this statement:


Well, that's i for now...I can't wait to go back to Dumaguete! peace out!

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