Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I feel so week...maybe because I met my crush ('a friend') earlier...and as usual, the scent of awkwardness was still surrounding our entire body. A string that dominated our friendship...I want to let go, and I know 'a friend' also wants to let go...but its punctured deep into our skin connected to our bones...and if we pull it hard enough, it can break our bone. I thought this feeling was over, but I was wrong...but I still want to end this...I don't want this to be the reason for our friendship to end! I WILL NOT LET THAT HAPPEN!

Anyway, because of this, I made a way of making myself happy by reading the messages I saved in my phone:

Franz, A MasCom student and a very pretty girl...She, most of the time, catches the attention of all boys:
"The smarter the person gets, the more difficult it is for them to find the right person."

- Oprah Winfrey

, a close friend:
"nvr trust tym 2 dcide 4 u..yes 8s proven dt tym is d bst dcision maker..
but sumtyms, tym makes 8s dcision, a little too late.."

Cayoy, my best friend:
..isa pang sagot sa tanong na: "muztah Love Life?" answer: "
poztponed until further notice.." :) hehehe

Elaine, my crush in High School:
"One very hard thing in this life is, when you know inside your heart
that you love the person but you run out of reasons to fight for what you feel." ouch!

"..its never the tears that measure the pain...

...sometimes, it's the smile we fake
just to show others that we're ok.."

Lyf s ol abwt
wakng up ech
day 2 dscovr
sumthng new...
Lyk meetng old ppol
bt makng new convrsations...
walkng thru old roads
bt feelng nice abwt 8...
realzn dt wev
grown a day oldr
bt stl feelng young @ heart...
meeting thru
buzy skeds bt
findng tym 4 old frnds...
being nostalgic
abwt gone days
bt still lukng
4ward 2 beter days.

Cheers to LyF!

Hanna, chubby version of Tyra Banks:
Hindi mo pg-aari ang katawan mo,
pnahiram lang yan ng Diyos sau,
kya kung may nngangailangan,
ipagamit mo...

Caloy, my I.T. classmate:
A true intelligent person
knows how
to pretend to be a fool
in front of a
fool who pretends to be

Preslot, my High School Barkada:
boy: can I have ur picture?
girl: huh? y?
boy: so that I could show Santa what I really want for Christmas! ÜÜÜ


'a big hangover last only a day...but our funny, happy, embarassing
drunken moments will last 4eveR!

So stay drunk! Lolz!'


mine?" :)

Eren, my CF (closest friend) in High School:
Who said saying
YES or NO is
very easy?

Cge, ikaw nga...
try natin. Fill
this blank with
YES or NO.

1. ____, i am not a normal person..☺☺☺

Hahaha! And suddenly, I opened a message from 'a friend' saying "I'm sorry"...uhhhh... This was during our first fight...'a friend' apologizing almost evertime that time...I could still remember 'a friend' and I were really close friends...and 'a friend' drives me home...before...huhuhu...MEMORIES! I WANT TO VANISH IT ALL!

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