Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Have Noticed

Right after my vacation, I have noticed that no one's checking my blog anymore...Is it because of not updating my blog anymore...? Or is it because they got bored of my stories..? Hmmmp... :(

Anyhow, I just arrived home...I was with the CCS cheer dancers (our cheer dancers) and we went to a cheer dance audition in NORSU (Negros Oriental State University). Our trainer was also a trainer in NORSU and he made us the judge during the audition! It was very fun!

However, I was suddenly hit by catatonia right after reminiscing all the problems and the suffereings I have encountered! Hahahaha! EMO MODE!

Because of this, I have made a new word: CATATONIC MOMENT (O diba, check it in the dictionary if it's there)!

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