Monday, November 3, 2008

Greatest Halloween Ever!

For the past 19 years, I never felt experienced any activities on Halloween...until yesterday came! Hehehe! We went to my mother's hometown, La Libertad, Oriental Negros, to visit our relatives!

That night, we went to a Halloween Dance Competition where there were 12 contestants...and you know what, it's kinda pretty amazing...I was not expecting that there are talents in that place! Most of them are awesome dancers! After the competition was a Disco Party!

Me and my cousins had a little drink while enjoying the disco music! Everyone was dancing and drinking at the same time...We had a great time...until a rumble happened! YES! there was a fight during the party. I was not sure of the reason but there was definitely blood spilling.

My cousins immediately took me somewhere safe! (and I was really flattered that they really cared for me even if we were not that close since it has been a long time since we last visited them.) That was the most amazing thing that happened to me that night. Well actually, aside from that, I was able to meet someone who took my eyes out of me! She perfectly, and painlessly took my eyes out! Her name was Ema and she is my cousin's classmate! Hehehe...I'll be getting her number soon! Wooohoooooo! LOLZ!

BTW, I miss my blog...and I definitely miss my blogger friends...

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