Friday, October 10, 2008

Good Morning!

Wooooh! I'm still in sober head is a little heavy...

Anyway, I woke up at 2:11 am (PC clock) and I don't usually wake up earlier than 6 am...I really got thirsty so I went to the kitchen and found a really COLD liter of Coke! So I hastily drank it all...hehehe! I just hope nothing will happen to my voice a week from now because I will be recording my Original Composition by that time...hehe...I hope for it's success!

So, here I am...wondering what life is ahead of me...What will be my purpose in this World..? Hahaha! Emo Mode...

I will be very busy for the next few weeks...Here are my schedules:

October 10
  • I'll be tutoring a friend about Philosophy (Logic) in school. (9-11 am)
  • Kris (an artist from Spain) and I will be making a new project! (2 pm)
  • Batch mates will be celebrating Sem-Break in El Camino Blanco! (7 pm)
October 11 (No schedules yet)
October 12
  • It's the Fiesta of Valencia. Click here to see the tourist spots in Valencia. I'll probably be eating, eating, and eating on this day!
October 13 - 15 (No schedules yet)
October 16 - 18
  • I'll be at Bacolod (finally) to visit my sister since my previous plan had conflicts (na unsyami). Click here to know the conflict...but that's over was just mere admiration.
October 19 (No schedules yet)
October 20
  • This is the day where Raissa (click here, here, and here) will be going home to Davao...Hope I could be with you on that day...bye bye :(
Well, that's for now..peace out


uchiha_girl said...

waht is coke?is it alcohol?
mee too..I'll be very busy next week.

rabsin_d said...

Coke is a popular soft drink here in our country...hehehe..peace out