Sunday, September 21, 2008

An Ironic Disaster

Reminder: If anyone who knows this event, or who knows my crush or any similar situations for that matter...I am begging you to please SHUT THE F**K UP! To 'a friend': if ever you read this entry and the previous entries, I hope you'll stay the same as a good friend and I hope you won't feel awkward towards me because, I know that these entries are quite vulgar.


I just made a very weird decision last Friday. As what I had posted on my last entry, I, supposedly, should be going to Bacolod yesterday (Saturday) because I will be visiting my sister and I'll be singing on their occassion on that day; however, 'a friend' (my crush: check previous entry to know more about my crush) asked me last Friday if I could sleep over their house...and with no hesitation, I gratefully accepted the offer. (See how stupid I was? We were also fighting that day, but I still accepted the offer...STUPID!)

Saturday (Sept. 21) morning: I texted some of my friends if tonight would be the perfect time to tell 'a friend' of how I feel and they replied 'NO'.

Saturday afternoon, 4:00 pm: We met at STEDS, we ate Takuyaki at Ever Mall, and getting ready to go to their house.

While driving, words suddenly passed through my mind:
Let me freeze this moment on.. I want to be here forever until the last air I breathe.. If only I could be the one.. If only...

Saturday night: We arrived at their house and waited for 'a friend's' bandmates to arrive because they will be practicing that night. After their practice, it was the moment of revelation. He took 2 pairs of San Miguel Lights to lax our tense body and mind...and the talk began...bla bla bla bla bla bla bla wrap it up, 'a friend' forced me to spill the secret and promised not to change after hearing it...I was so scared that 'a friend' might change because of that. I had mixed emotions that time...awkward, afraid, tipsy, numb, et cetera. Actually, we were not able to finish our talk bacause it was so late. He let me sleep on his bedroom while 'a friend' slept on the floor :(

The next day (Sunday, today): He woke me up for breakfast and got ready for their Gig that night.

He dropped me to school because I had to go to an IPR at Sibulan for The Portal Yearbook. The IPR ended at 6:oo pm and I arrived home by 7:25 pm.

Currently: I just texted 'a friend' if how was their Gig...and 'a friend' replied that it was unsuccessful...kawawa.. :(


kaakaams said...

Uy! Kinsa gud na imong 'friend'? Hehe.

rabsin_d said...

You'll know this person in the right time..peace out..thanks for posting a comment..