Saturday, October 11, 2008

What happenned in October 10

Tutorial: I went to school around 10 am to meet my tutee in Philiosophy...and guess what? She arrived at 12 noon and her exam starts at 1pm...Anyhow, I taught her the best I could. Hope she pass her exam...


I was waiting for Kris around 2 pm in Memento because we are meeting with Tata (the towel vendor) since Kris planned to buy 100 towels for his new project called "Sweat Memories"... Weird huh..?

Sem-Break Party:

Lastly, we had a party in El Camino where we had alot of fun...and I mean ALOT OF FUN! I'll be posting some pictures soon...

Guess What:

I have an additional activity today...I'll be going to Foundation University to be a patient of a very close friend, Faye, because of her Nursing life. That will be around 4pm...And after that we will go to Valencia! FIESTA! FIESTA! FIESTA! Well, actually, it's still pre-fiesta but Terio will be celebrating a party tonight (i guess..?). Hehehe!


rammyboi said...

nyc eh! dpat lng gyud ka mag enjoy. u deserve it. :) tapos na ang 1st sem.. chillax usa :) gud luck sa laag life nimo dha :)

rabsin_d said...

Yah! au pud mo...ragardz ko sa tanan friends nmo dra..hehe..peace out