Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Drunk!

Hahahaha! I just finished drinking 1 long-neck Tanduay, so if ever there are grammatical errors and incorrect spelling just leave a comment and I'll update it as soon as possible, okay..?

In addition, I just finished writing the next entry that I will be posting on my blog soon (that is tomorow). I am super duper depressed now...I don't know what I am feeling, and what I must be feeling...(confusing sa..? hahaha!) Anyhow, since my life has been a very big issue here in our place, especially to my friends (are you really my friends..?), Here's the snitch...

Welcome to Ricky's Dictionary

To start of, let us define the words thing, crush, inlove, and gay:

thing - could be living or non-living things

crush - is a thing (most often a person or an animal) that I got jealous of because of somthing(s) that he/she/it have that I don't have...more like an admiration in a negative way

inlove - an awkward feeling (it could either be nice, or weird) towards a person, and not a thing

gay - are those person who indulge with sexual intercourse with the same sex

Now that you know what these words mean, I'll tell you guys the real THING:

  • I have a lot of crushes, and I publicly tell it to anybody.

  • I am definitely not inlove with my crushes, because if I am, I should have not vulgar it to anyone (What do you think of me, STUPID..? I know what DAMAGE CONTROL means Sucker!)

  • I am not gay! I am totally aware that I often tell to you guys (my friends) that "I just had sex with a man" or "I just had a customer who paid me big time, so I gave him an extra hour"...bla bla bla, but if you really are my friends would you believe in this kind of BULLSHIT!!? Are you really my friends..?

  • I am also aware of what and how I act in front of you guys (my friends), and anybody else, but that's me...and I can't change for you to like me...this is who I am, and who I am is the BEST in me!

  • If you still think that I'm gay, that's because your pea-brain is already covered with f***ing incorrect definition of what gay really means. Do you really think that if a person has a soft wavy voice, a demure disposition, a fashionable style, or a shaky butt while walking is GAY!!? Then you are nothing but a STUPID, UNEDUCATED, DICKHEAD person who unknowingly F****ED up your own life because you do not even know what's the real meaning of the said words above. Now before you try to criticize me and spread the unreal gossip, try to make an insight if what you will be doing is the right thing, or the RIGHT thing..? (Get it..?) If you still don't get it, KILL yourself ASSHOLE!!!
Woooh! that's it! Thank God I'm DRUNK! By the way, sorry for the foul (profane) words above. I just couldn't stop my hands from typing...and it just breaks my heart...peace out


Mrs. Stevenson said...

im sorry that u feel that way! see sometimes the people we taught our friends they really r not. next time u tell them anything. think about what their reactions will be. sometimes we like to make a joke but not everyone get it so just be aware of what u going to say if it will ruin u or ur other peoples life. dont be upset ur not alone. u got friends here in blogging world. im one of them. dont drink too much its bad for u and ur health. just take a deep breath and pretend nothing happened. if the bullshit ur saying still is messing u up then u have to confront those people. to end the story. i hope i help u. smile, enjoy life!

rabsin_d said...

Yah! your right...I should have implemented Damage Control earlier. But I'm fine now...a little...Thank Science for creating blogging..hehe..peace