Thursday, August 14, 2008

Identity Fraud: Cyberbullying!

Have you ever tried searching your complete name or your usual username in Google or Yahoo?

Well, you better do it now or you might get astonished (in a negative way) of what you will be seeing.

I was watching GMA, for the first time (I'm a KAPAMILYA!), just to check if they had upgraded their video quality and I was amazed by its new episode called Kablog. It was a new trend in the society (Hahaha! cuz' I got one). Anyhow, one of their topics was cyberbullying and their are many identity damaged and still being damaged because of technological abuse (Hala! SIKAT man d i ko! Lolz) So I decided to search my own name in Google, and guess what kinds of information popped-out aside from my own accounts..? Yes! I am also a victim of Identity fraud. Imagine, I got 2 accounts in friendster well infact I only got 1 account because it's very tiring to update. I sent a message to this copycat and threatened him/her/it to block his/her/its IP address and locate his/her/its address if he/she/it won't delete the fake account. A day after, the account was gone...hoooow!

It was overwhelming and frightening at the same time...just imagine if the account has unreal information that could destroy your career or as a holistic person...I could have been mocked by now.

A Tip for Copycats:

Imitation they say is the best form of flattery, but make sure that imitating someone can benefit you as a person and could not destroy a person's life.


witchy-lyn said...

Hi rabsin_d!

Thanks for visiting my group's blog at! Glad that the blog is useful.

lyn from FLEX! (:

rabsin_d said...


Sam said...

I ever search my name on Google and found out that my content was looted... Haha~~~

Have a nice day :)

rabsin_d said...

Asam:Lolz! you better be careful this time...check this:

Dakilang Tambay said...

i searched for my name and my name was in the NLE board passers ahahaha

rabsin_d said...

@Dakilang Tambay: Wow! Congratz!