Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Fight between Two Lovers

Aaah! I hate this! I can’t believe we fought just because she wanted me to become someone I’m not.
Raissa and I just had this wonderful time together until we went to La Tienda with friends. Mark, a good friend, is the type of person who usually receives foul language, name-calling, and insult in our barkada especially from me, but I know that he knows that it was all ‘shaggy dog stories’. However, Raissa, a newly oriented friend, was shocked by the way I taunt Mark, and she got mad at me because of that. I was kind of embarrassed to my friends because it was just like a very minute issue that we need to fight for.
I just want her to realize that changing doesn’t happen in a snap; it needs time especially if it’s the attitude that you are changing. :(
(Happened last June 10, 2008)

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