Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Stomach Ache!!!

Last June 9, 6:30 p.m., my friends and I were invited by Kuya Bong to eat at Jo’s by the Sea because it was his birthday. We accepted the offer since we were all hungry. We ate the Restaurant’s specialty and boy it was yummy. Kuya Bong also offered us the Buko-Halo, and it was super duper delicious. However, there was a small problem for my friends…(they can’t finish the dessert and it would be very embarrassing for Kuya Bong if they won’t finish the food)…so, since they know that my talent is exterminating foods, they decided to give it to me as a sign of respect to the birthday celebrant. And as usual, tempted by the fragrant and the colorful delicacies on the table, (without thinking) I ate all the food…then…silence… Everybody was shocked. They were not expecting that I could eat all the food…it was too much (way much!) :0

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