Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Stream Cebu: Paying it Forward Campaign

Coming from an outsourcing (call center type) of company, I totally understand how stressful, frustrating even, work is. Most people come and go in this type of industry and for those individual who survive, I commend all of you!

Despite stress, companies make sure that their employees develop positive lifestyle and well-being. That is Stream Cebu's way of giving back and saying thank you to their major asset in the business.

Pay It Forward Campaign started with Stream's employees and eventually reciprocated by the management. It was a good avenue for everyone to share their ideas and make it happen...and these were some of their events:
These kids looks so happy!

Mangrove planting

Hair donation for cancer patients/survivors.

Helping the community with perspective! These acts are worth commendable indeed. I did I mention that these will be a recurring event. Yes, it will be a lifetime support to the children and the rest that needs their helping hand.

Their next project is a Post Election Clean-up since election is almost near.


Anonymous said...

gisapot ko nganong wa ta gaabot ani. hehe love you love!


Rabsin de la Cruz said...

@Eden: mao jud love! IMY already!!! See you soonest!