Thursday, April 25, 2013

How Can You Make the World a Better Place?

Wonderful day everyone! It has been weeks since I made my last post and I sincerely apologize for not updating often. (I know...I'm such a couch potato!) Anyways, I hope everyone is doing very well with life in general. Okaaay, I'm going to spill some info. I recently bough my first Android phone and I'm seriously hooked with Dubbler and found out that #Earth Day hash tag was being used by mostly everyone yesterday. (Was it Earth Day yesterday? I'm so sorry, I didn't know.)

So I went ahead and checked the net on how can I make the World a better place and you can start by visiting the site: and cast your vote on how you want the World to be. It won't take 5 minutes of your time. I just made mine earlier.

Made a difference to my World :)
My votes went more to environment, justice, freedom and better government:
  • Clearly, all of us are experiencing sudden change of weather and climate. Most of us grumble how hot the weather is but we really did not do anything to lessen our carbon footprints. I have been an advocate of Global Warming awareness and I always consider my action to lessen my contribution to our carbon print. I greatly suggest you do the same.
  • Living in a 3rd World country, I can see that there are a lot of space for improvement with regard to protection against crime and violence, discrimination, improved healthcare and all of these boils down to better, honest and responsive government. Government might think that these are too much to ask, but do take not that the 'Government' was made to govern and improve human welfare including all of these.
I would greatly appreciate if you cast your vote and make a difference to the World! :D

MY World is a United Nations global survey for citizens. Working with partners, we aim to capture people’s voices, priorities and views, so world leaders can be informed as they begin the process of defining the next set of global goals to end poverty.


kdawnsy said...

I totally agree with your top 4, babe. Environement is an earth-wide problem that's very pressing, almost hopeless and needs immediate solutions. And government, a good govt could do so many things if it werent corrupt. Or bahala corrupt gamay basta effective lang.

I just followed you. I cant believe I havent been following you all this time! x_x

Rabsin de la Cruz said...

@Dawn: Hala ako sad babe! Followed you too :D Totally, this place feels like hell already. Alot of things needs to change and we should start from ourselves. Thanks for commenting babe! See you soonest!

Ashdesignz said...

"Heal the world, make it a better place" - i remember this song the time i read your post. Anyway, just visited the site you shared. Since election day is coming, i voted the 2nd selection. Since there are a lot of discrimination between man and woman, i have chosen to click the 4th selection. Since poverty is very hard to overcome here in the Philippines, i also tick on the 5th selection. Hayz, kung pwede lang i tick lahat, bakit hindi diba? Anyway the rest are 9, 11 and 13 :)