Sunday, January 6, 2013

Real Men Wears Pink

Let's just smile for the world shall we?
Shirt from WAGW; Short from FINLUST Shop; Watch from SM Accessories
The background is awesome!!!
A day after Bloggers United 4, we went to Tagaytay to celebrate the birthday of my good friend, Dan. It was my first time to visit Tagaytay and I was ever thinking during the whole trip was the Taal volcano! Hahaha!

We stayed at Sunrise Holiday Mansion, one of the oldest hotels in Tagaytay. They say this hotel was the most established and visited hotel back then. Well, I can say that they got one of the best location in Tagaytay. It's pretty near the main road and is very noticeable. There is also a nearby convenient store. They need to work with their maintenance though.
Sunrise Holday Mansion - Tagaytay
The hotel's structure and is very noticeable near the main road.
Fog during dawn. It's sooo cooold!
Surprisingly, their food is reeeeeeally good! Literally, I almost finished everything.

Since the cold was getting into our veins, we started with our light drinks and karaoke.

I know I'm a summer boy, but I'm really starting to love the cold weather. Baguio should be next! Lastly, Ced and I wouldn't miss having a photo of Taal volcano for the world!
Ced and Rab in Tagaytay!
Tagaytay will surely be missed!

(Photos by: Cedric Lucero)


Nonoy said...

Awesome trip! And the pink, I remember I used to wear a pink polo shirt in college. Many thought of it as girlish or gay, but NO. I wore it and it made me a real man. hehe :-)

Chyrel Gomez said...

I've been pretty much around some places here in the country but not in Tagaytay. Love the last photo. <3

rabsin_d said...

@Nonoy: Hahaha! Kudos for the guts Nonoy! I'm a silent reader of your blog BTW and have been wanting to meet the blogger behind :D Thank you for the comment too!

@Chy: Thanks Chy! My next plan is Vigan or Baguio. Do you have itinerary for those places?